Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Diy Loofah and Soap Costume

Last Halloween The Boy and I were supposed to go as a loofah and soap

I bought all the stuff for it and in my crazy mind of mine I somehow really thought I would have time to make us killer costumes.....a mere 3 days before our big wedding (DIY wedding I might add)

Of course reality came along and gave me a swift kick in the ass and said "NOPE!"

So we stayed home that night and I baked 200 cupcakes for my wedding favors while my mass amount of net fabric got buried away in the closet until this year

To get started on your loofah I think it's easiest to use a tube top dress similar in color to your netting

I didn't have one but my dear seester Kinsey did.  (one of the big perks of having sisters)  Kinsey is a skinny bitch and the dress is an Xsmall.....I am not

Luckily it was a stretchy dress so I could actually shove it over my sausage thighs and donkey booty

To make all the pinning easier try to find something that is about your size to fit the dress over

I chose this small trash can I found in the garage.  I was probably closer to the size of our ottoman but I wanted to pretend I was more trash can sized.  It seemed less depressing at the time

I think I bought 15 yards of the netting...but don't quote me.  It was a year ago...I don't remember

What I did was bunch it up and cut it into long strips that were probably around 15-18 inches long

I sort of made a loop and just started randomly pinning the loops onto the dress

It's sort of hard to explain you just have to start doing it and get the feel for it

I started and then ended up taking off about the first five I did because I was over thinking it and lining it up too much. It looks much better if you just sort of fill in places more randomly and are less worried about it

It takes ALOT of safety pins.  More than I was expecting. In fact I made an 11:30 run to Walmart to get more because I was determined to get it done in one night

Here it is about half done.  I just scooted the dress up as I would finish sections until I got to the bottom

For the soap portion of the costume I didn't take many pictures because it's pretty self explanatory

I just got a box big enough to fit over The Boy and cut out head and arm holes

We decided on Irish Spring because it's such a classy soap of course.....or maybe because it seemed the easiest to duplicate.  You choose.

We spray painted the box dark green and then hand painted on a lime green swoopy deal

Glued on yellow paper between the 2 greens and cut out letters from poster board

I apologize for the weirdly blurry, hazy cell phone pics

He makes a cute soap!

And here we are as a duo

I just got some rope from the upholstery section and tucked it into my dress

And here I am with Katniss from the Hunger Games

And while I'm at it here's the rest of the Hunger Game crew

Katniss, Effie Trinket, & Prim

I was really happy we finally got to wear these costumes...even if it was 365 days later