Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Low Carb Sushi - 3 Ways

I looooove sushi!  It's like crack.  If this pyramid of sushi and the $150 price tag doesn't prove that then nothing will

(For the record though....this was for a girls weekend so I didn't eat it all myelf.  But....give me 3 days alone with this stuff and I'm sure I could have)

But considering that eating white rice is basically the same as shoveling sugar into your face, sushi has now become a rare treat for me...and oh how I miss it so!

That's why I was so thrilled when I came across a pin on Pinterest that showed rolls made with cauliflower rice instead of sticky rice.....flippin genius!!!

Why didn't I think if this??  I mean I already make cauliflower mexican rice and fried rice....why did this idea never enter my little brain?

I googled a bunch of different low carb sushi rolls and somewhere on a message board I remember someone suggesting that you mix a little cream cheese into the cauliflower rice to make it more sticky.....again with the genius thoughts!  I'm convinced that low carbers are some of the smartest people around ;)  I wish I could remember where I read that....but thank you to that smart person somewhere out there in the cyber world 

Here's what I did

First I shredded a head of cauliflower in my food processor.  I really prefer the way it comes out in the processor as opposed to hand grating it

Place it in a bowl and  microwave for about 4-5 minutes or until done

While it's still hot, stir in some cream cheese until it starts to stick together more

If I had to guess I think I used between 1 and 2 oz of cream cheese...but just do it until it feels like it's started to bind it together slightly.  You don't want to go overboard with it and have the cream cheese flavor be overpowering

Here it is all mixed through.  See the difference in textures and how it looks more clumped together?

Put it in pan and let it sit in the fridge to cool down.  A larger pan with more surface area will make it go faster.  I left it in for an hour but I'm sure it was probably cool enough sooner

Then you're all set fr sushi makin!

Spread your cauliflower rice on the nori just as you would the sticky rice, leaving an inch on one side

And add your fillings

First filling I made was spicy crab

If you're eating low carb you have to fork over the extra cash to get real crab meat for this.  No imitation.  Real crab has virtually no carbs but the imitation is loaded with sugar.  That's because crab has a naturally sweet flavor and in order to mimic that the imitation takes a white fish if some kind and adds sugar....and still doesn't taste even remotely the same haha.  Plus it just tastes better than the fake stuff anyway.

To make your spicy crab add mayo and sriracha to taste.  I like mine extra spicy.  I also added a little chopped green onion to the mix

 Put on top of your cauliflower rice and start rolling

Next up....ahi tuna.  With cucumber, green onion, and avocado

That's it in the middle

And some shrimp sushi.  Again with avocado, cucumber, green onion, and sriracha because I just can't stay away from the stuff

And last but not least....spicy tuna!

To make that all you do is fine chop your tuna


And mix it with sriracha to taste and a little bit of soy sauce


Once you know how to make the rice...you can put together whatever flavor combinations you want

I have a feeling I'll be making this alot now


  1. Do I see right ? Do you roll up your rolls in plastic wrap ? Does that help them stay together when you roll them with the bamboo mats?

    1. The plastic wrap just keeps the mat from getting all dirty when stuff oozes out

  2. You are a genius! Thank you for this recipe, I've been wanting sushi so bad. : )

  3. So glad I stumbled upon this geniusness:) Definitely will be trying soon.

  4. Read this, was craving sushi, went out to buy ingredients 20 minutes later.

    Oh it was so delicious. I made mine all vegetarian because I didn't want to waste good fish on something that might suck. Just zucchini, carrots, and a little baby spinach/baby kale/swiss chard mix. I counted up the calories and carbs (including soy sauce and wasabi), and was incredibly delighted! Looky!

    For one Nori roll:
    156 calories
    12 carbs


  5. Looks so real, you couldn't even tell it's low carb!

  6. So brilliant!! I LOVE sushi and low-carb sushi is the bomb!! Thank you!!

  7. Thank you so much for this recipe. I've seen recipes for low carb sushi before but figured the cauli rice would be messy and just fall out, so I never made it. The cream cheese idea IS genius! Thanks to the person who's idea that was and thank you for passing it on. Great photos and instruction too!

  8. How positiviely brilliant!!!!!! Am totally going to try this this weekend! Thank you!!!

  9. You nori looks enourmous, did you use regularly sized nori sheets? It might have been the angles... What nori did you use? Sushi was my favorite food before I started keto almost 9 months ago and I thought it was lost forever, apparently not!! Thank you!

  10. I love you, thank you for the idea, they look amazing and make me love life today! THANK YOU!

  11. Wow! Thanks so much, it's morning and I am just drooling here....running out for supplies soon!!

  12. I screw up my diet every time sushi is around. I'm totally addicted to it and mess up once a month bc I crave it so much. I now have hope... Thank you

  13. I screw up my diet every time sushi is around. I'm totally addicted to it and mess up once a month bc I crave it so much. I now have hope... Thank you

  14. Wow!! Thank you, you genius person you!!
    Is soy sauce ok for a low carb lifestyle?

    1. Get tamari, it is a gluten free soy sauce made from 100% soy. It has less carbs than traditional soy sauce. It tastes better too!

  15. I wonder how some of these would taste if you make a few extra rolls, then w/o cutting them, put plastic wrap around it and put it in the freezer. That way one messy kitchen could make several meals.

  16. Wow... I thought this was better than regular sushi for some reason. Me and my son the sushi addict loved it!!