Monday, December 16, 2013

The Holiday Blogging Dilemma

Every year around the holidays I have these grand ideas....a notebook full of post ideas all holiday related.  Every year I think I'm going to be the best Holiday blogger EVER (ok, not really....but I always intend to try) and then reality sets in.  I actually become a big sucky blogger.

I always think I'll have more time then I really do.  I always think I'll accomplish more than I ever can and that's not just in blogging....but in the whole holiday scheme of things in general.  Every year I get a little better.  I wrap presents a little earlier.  (I used to be up all night xmas eve with a Christmas Story playing in the background while I wrapped every single gift)  I shop a little smarter. I cook a little less.....but still somehow the blogging always takes a backseat and not because I want it to though and that's why I think it bothers me so much. 

I'll get so excited about something I'm crafting and want to run straight to my computer to blog about it right then and there.  Then, I realize it's a gift that I can't be putting online for family to see or it will ruin the surprise.  I'm sure you're biggie right? Just blog about it after the holidays.  This is true....but I have 2 issues that come along with that.  It still leaves me with no content to blog about NOW because my blog is all about what I'm up to in the present the vast majority of the time.  Also, one bad blogging quality of mine is that if I don't blog about something right then I tend to lose momentum and excitement over it and it never makes it to the screen.  The pictures just sit in my laptop unused until I can't even remember the details of what I did anymore to write about it well...poopy!

I also feel like I'm more so writing for the next year....which again isn't a bad thing, I just wish it could be more helpful to people NOW.  For example, this year I didn't get around to posting my pie recipes and tips for Thanksgiving until just a few days before.  You know how many people probably used any of that info??....0.00 people.  (that's a Bronx Beat reference for any die hards out there)  I so wish I could be one of those bloggers who does this stuff weeks and weeks ahead of time so you have plenty of time to use it....but I can't compete with that.  I don't have the time or money to make these things twice.

So maybe this post sounds like a big whine fest....but it's more about me having high hopes and expectations and feeling like I'm just not capable of following through...which sucks.

Any other bloggers feel like this?  Do you feel like this is the hardest time of year to keep up in the blogging world?

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